I am delighted on the launch of Memon College of Physical & Rehabilitative Medicine, another mega educational institute of Memon Health & Education Foundation. 

During the previous years, we realize the importance of Physical & Rehabilitation Services while managing Memon Medical Institute Hospital.  It is due to the fact that we have not only expanded the department of Physical & Rehabilitative Medicine of MMI Hospital with the latest equipments but also prioritize to establish a quality physiotherapy institute which will not only meet the requirements of the current healthcare needs of the country but also cater to the future growing requirements. 

We are bringing the same legacy of quality education from our Memon College of Nursing which has gained as one of the most reputable nursing colleges of the country. 

We are committed to provide quality education and our institute maintains highest standards of education in accordance with the most advanced curriculum and the latest learning techniques.

Education involves developing the character, necessary skills and competencies to manage one’s life journey and we strongly believe in supporting the students in their learning journey and make them successful. Remaining dedicated to our mission, we commit ourselves to equip students with a good foundation for knowledge and skills, while aspiring to better prepare them for their future, both professional and personal.

The Memon College of Physical & Rehabilitative Medicine is going to play a significant role in producing the professional for the future.  We understand that the quality education is the foundation for building the nation and we firmly believe to bring the experienced facility and create a learning environment 

As the Deputy Chairman of Memon Health & Education Foundation, I am confident to deliver quality education with the cooperation of our faculty members and bringing the educational revolution in the country. 

Iqbal A Shakoor Bilwani

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