I am delighted on the successful launch of our third project of Memon Health & Educational Foundation.  Memon College of Physical & Rehabilitative Medicine is the second educational institute of Memon Health & Education Foundation. 

It indicates our belief that education is a fundamental need of every human being and distinguishing human characteristics and making us superior among all the creatures. Education helps understand the high values of humanity and assist in making the civilizations just and strong.  The importance of education is extremely higher in case of medical education.  It is simply because the medical education is healing the patients in pain which is the biggest service to the humanity.

According to the national statistics shows that we are facing the serve shortage of the medical practitioners in the country and it is now the right time to start focusing on expanding the educational programs to meet the needs of the society.

I am proud on the successful and the timely launch of Memon College of Physical & Rehabilitative Medicine.  It is due to the commitment of Mr. Ajaz Saya, Honorable Chairman of Memon Health & Education Foundation and the members of the Office Bearers Committee who not only approved the project but provided us with all the support and the resources.  This support enables us to complete the project and complete the affiliation, recognition and other requirements in the quickest possible time.

We are confident that the college will deliver quality education and our students will contribute in the growth of the country. 

It is my message to our students and the faculty members to work hard so that our dream comes true and the name of our institute flies up in the sky.


Dr. Malik Waqar Ahmad Awan TI(M)-Retd

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